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from Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

from Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

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Stop whatever you are doing right now. Take a breath, then another. You’re doing so well, has anyone told you that lately? You are strong. Sometimes it feels like you’re not, maybe even most of the time, but please don’t ever forget you’re stronger than you know. I forget also, this is a reminder for me too. Take a second and appreciate that, after all of these years, you still have strength. Maybe it’s buried inside you, but you keep going everyday no matter what. That is what makes you incredible.

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Deep Thoughts from My 14-Year-Old Self

Found these on my old laptop today. Too biased to be critical.
Slightly profound or absolutely ridiculous?…you decide 

"As time progresses, we age, and every moment we live in will eventually cease to exist. What most of us fail to realize is that when a door is closed, another is opened directly ahead. We spend so much time desperately trying to remember where we left the keys that we forget to check if the door is even locked."

"I am caught in
     and escape;
the latter being desperate.” 

"The pain of grief is so great. The crying is the most horrible thing I’ve ever felt. It’s like silent screaming mixed with tears and you can’t stop until you’re trying to purge the grief out of you. And it feels like it never ends. They say that time will ease your pain, but it doesn’t; you just think about it less. But when you do, the pain is just as great as it was before. And the nightmares and dreams - they never stop. They’re always there, haunting you, teasing you. Have you ever seen the look on someones face when they know they’re going to die?"

For the record, my vote is absolutely ridiculous. These almost hurt to type.  

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How to Effectively Explain Pro-Choice

I was raised in a deeply religious, Catholic family. My father would (still) vote for any political candidate, regardless of policy, so long as said candidate vowed to make abortion illegal. I have a sister that actually sits outside of abortion clinics and prays.

Needless to say, being pro-choice has meant a lot of explanation on my part. The explanations never usually go anywhere, but my most recent argument with my sister actually made her stop and consider.

I gave her a really simple analogy. The analogy isn’t perfect, but read on and then let me explain. 

Pretend for a minute there is a very sick child, desperately in need of an organ transplant to live, and there is only one donor match for that child. That child will die without a transplant. Would you want/allow that person to be forced to donate? Of course not, because individual rights only apply when they don’t infringe on someone else’s. You might really, really want that person to donate and pray and hope that they realize its the right decision for the sake of child, but you wouldn’t make it illegal for them to choose otherwise, because thats their right to choose. They make the decision and then they have to live with their decision. 

See what I did there?…

Now, obviously, this ignores a lot (like the whole a-fetus-is-not-a-child thing), but what it does is allows people to actually put themselves in that situation for just a second. Most importantly, men, who will never be able to truly empathize with a pregnant woman’s situation. 

So try it, and let me know how it goes.